Oral Presentation Guidelines


Please observe the guidelines below to ensure the smooth proceeding of the conference.

Oral Presentation Format:

  • All participants will use the laptop prepared by the conference for presentation.
  • Using your own laptop for presentation is NOT allowed.
  • The use of PowerPoint (PPT) and other presentation tools/formats such as Canva and Prezi are encouraged.
  • For PPT format, template to prepare for oral presentation slides will be emailed to the participants.
    ● For other presenting formats, kindly alert us by email so that we can send you the guide to format the size and resolution on your own.
  • Submit your presentation files by emails to the Scientific Committee at by 9th August 2024.
  • Your presentation files will be uploaded earlier to the presenting computers.
  • Please bring your backup files in a USB memory stick.
  • Standard digital projectors for data and video projection will be provided in the conference hall.
  • Please be at the designated hall, at least 30 minutes prior to the oral session to check your slides.

During presentation:

  • You can control the slides using the provided laser pointer at the podium.
  • Time allocated for oral presentation is 8 minutes followed by 2 minutes for Q&A (total 10 minutes).
  • During the presentation, you will be alerted by the caution bell.
Time lapse Caution
0 minute Bell 1x Start signal
6 minutes Bell 1x First warning
8 minutes Bell 2x End of talk, start of Q&A, stopwatch will be reset
2 minutes Bell 1x End of Q&A

All the best!
Scientific Committee
26th Family Medical Scientific Conference