Frequently Asked Question


  • Go to our website

  • Click registration

  • Click self-registration

  • Select the programme (Pre conference, Conference) you wish to attend; if you would like to attend all of the programmes, please complete all the forms

  • You will receive an immediate confirmation email once you have completed your registration at website

Delegates via LPO includes specialist, medical officers, paramedics, medical students, or allied health that received the offer to attend the FMSC under the approval by their respective PKD/PTJ and is processed through e-perolehan.

To register using LPO, first you need to contact your PKD/PTJ and you need approval from your health district office to be processed under e-perolehan.

Invitation letter for FMSC 2024 has been given out to all PKD. However, if your PKD/PTJ does not received the invitation letter, you can contact our registration committee; Dr Siti Ruziana 017-4102545.

  • LPO delegates ARE NOT required to register on the FMSC website.

  • The FMSC 26 Registration Committee will register on behalf of you after receiving your LPO copy via email and your details through the Google form.

  • Your PTJ will process the LPO for e-Perolehan and e-Pelawaan.

  • Do keep in touch with your PTJ to know you LPO status (complete/pending).

  • Once the LPO is completed, please receive the LPO copy and invoice from your PTJ.

  • Please email the LPO copy to by June 30, 2024.

  • Fill out the Google form using the QR code provided in the official invitation letter from your PTJ/PKD.

  • You will receive a confirmation email with your check-in QR code to use on the event day once you are registered.

  • Bring the invoice to the conference for approval by our Registration Committee. Return it to your PTJ after the event.

Kindly contact your PKD/PTJ regarding your LPO status. Your PKD/PTJ need to process through e-perolehan and e-pelawaan to complete the process. Once your LPO is complete, obtain the LPO copy from your PKD and kindly email us back to by 30 June 2024 for us to complete your registration. Please also obtain the invoice from your PKD to bring along to the conference for our signature.

Once you have emailed to us the LPO copy, we will proceed with your registration and you will receive the confirmatory email containing your check in QR.

If you want to cancel your LPO kindly contact your PKD/PTJ as you need to find a replacement. Please contact our committee too (Dr Siti Ruziana -0174102545) to inform regarding the replacement.

To process the LPO, there are a few documents needed (SSM certificate and financial statements). However, not to worry, just ask your PKD/PTJ to contact our committee (Dr Siti Ruziana- 0174102545) for further details.

If you are an active FMSA member, you are entitled to complimentary Gala Dinner entries (limited to the first 300 registered members). Voucher codes can be obtained directly via registered emails upon updating the FMSA Active Member Update Form. However, non-active FMSA members/non-FMSA members are welcome to join the Gala Dinner for RM200 per person. All delegates must register on the website, regardless of whether they are self-paying, sponsored, or through an LPO. Please note that seating is limited and allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.


Ensure that you are an active FMSA member and complete the FMSA membership form at FMSA Registration. Active members will receive a voucher code via email after the registration team validates their membership status.

Ensure that your FMSA membership is active, then complete the FMSA active membership update form at  If you are unsure about your membership status, email or contact FMSA Assistant Treasurer Dr. Nurafiza at 016-6200991.

If your membership is verified as active, you will receive an email with a voucher code. There are several reasons you may not have received it:

  • An incorrect email address was entered on the FMSA update form.
  • The email is hidden in the SPAM folder.

For assistance, contact the registration team at

Fill out the Gala Dinner registration form at Gala Dinner Registration and enter the voucher code for a payment exemption (for the first 300 registrations). After successful registration, you will receive a confirmation email.

Yes, lifetime members are eligible. After completing the FMSA membership update form, you will receive an email with a voucher code. Use this code on the Gala Dinner registration form for payment exemption.

Please email us at for further assistance. We will need your information, and a refund will be given at the FMSA booth during the conference.

Seats are limited to 350, with 300 for active FMSA members and 50 for self-paying delegates. Registration will close when all seats are filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

You will be instantly notified via email after you have successfully registered for the Gala Dinner.

Yes, because the Gala Dinner voucher code will only be provided once you have received an email confirming your FMSA active membership status. Please update your FMSA membership form at FMSA Membership Update.

Regardless of whether you are self-paid or sponsored, the Gala Dinner requires separate registration. Please visit the FMSC website and register using the Gala Dinner registration form. If you have a Gala Dinner voucher code, please enter it when registering for the Gala Dinner.

No, the Gala Dinner requires self-registration, so you don’t need to wait for conference registration confirmation before registering for the Gala Dinner. For further clarification feel free to contact registration team at